Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Are we really that busy???

One of my biggest “bitches” in life is how supposed “friends” can so easily lose touch – it always amazed me how “friends” can’t seem to be bothered to take a few moments out of their busy lives for a quick email or phone call. This is supposed to be the “information age” with so many means of communication within reach and at our fingertips… telephone, cell phone, email, even snail mail! Yet how often do we use these to make a sincere inquiry as to how our friends are doing. It has always frustrated me that generally I am always the one to reach out and make an effort to keep in touch with people, but after awhile, when seeing how one-sided it is, the effort slowly starts to die. Why bother? You start to feel that “if they don’t care enough to keep in touch, why should I?” That attitude, on top of a busy schedule, time slowly ticks away…

And then I had a wake-up call…

I happened to check out a blog of a friend that I haven’t had the opportunity to visit with in awhile, rationalizing in my head the usual BUSY excuse! I read an entry that momentarily sucked the life out of me. Her mother had a heart attack; she had to perform CPR on her own mother; momentarily revived, only to lose her in the ambulance ride on the way to the hospital. Tragic enough of a story right there. This happened 3 years ago next month – I found this out by reading her blog! I have known her for maybe 7 or 8 years. I had no idea she went through any of this? And she lives in the same city? We go to the same “church.” I call her a "friend." How can I have not noticed or heard about any of this! I am just so ashamed and in shock and awe.

I have readjusted my attitude, and I don’t care how busy I get – I am motivated again to start making the effort to keep in touch. Never again do I want to miss out on the opportunity to be there for a friend in need.

I hope all of you reading this will make an effort to do the same.

If you can spare the few seconds/minutes to peruse a blog – perhaps you could use that same amount of time to whip up on email, write out a card, or call up a friend? You never know when they may really be needing you and could be waiting for YOU to reach out to THEM.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Something to Talk About

I haven't been on my blog much lately, so thought I should write a quick entry - not that my life is too exciting lately!

Today I hit the 2000 visitor mark :-) So I guess I better find something to say ;-) I'm supposed to be doing homework right now, so of course, am trying to find any excuse to get out of it.

My mom is up visiting me right now. I was supposed to go home Thanksgiving weekend (last weekend) but I put my back out early in the week so didn't want to make that long drive and make it worse. So, my mom decided to come up here for Thanksgiving... but then she hurt her knee, and didn't want to make the long drive and make it worse! Instead, she came up yesterday and is here for a week!!! So this way it worked out better in the end as she gets to stay longer.

I'm still insanely busy as usual. By Friday I thought my head was going to explode! But I had a dentist appointment Friday afternoon, and after about half an hour of the nitrous oxide, I suddenly didn't have a care in the world ;-) Even now I'm not as stressed as I know I SHOULD be ;-)

School is a real struggle this year. I am enjoying the classes I am taking, the mental health nursing class especially, but I am falling behind SOOOO quickly I am starting to get a little nervous! Hopefully I will catch up quickly, as I really want to remain in the advanced standing class (it will cut an entire year off my schooling).

To make up for the lack of excitement in my blog entry today, I'll end with a corny bilinguial joke:

A young Canadian lad canoes across a river and buys three cats and names them Un, Deux and Trois.

Heading back home, his boat capsizes. He arrives home, half-frozen, but still alive, sadly crying «Maman! Maman! Un, Deux, Trois cats sank!»

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Change of Shift

Change of Shift is up at Emergency Room Nurse.

Another creative edition. It always amazes me how the host(ess) always manages to tie all the links together. The theme this time is "To Bob Barker - Thanks For the Memories." I even got my feet wet this time and made a submission.

Check it out here.

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