Sunday, November 20, 2005

My experience on crutches

K - this is more of a vent than anything....

Ok - it was bad enough when I fell at boulevard and people literally stepped over me without looking back to see if I was ok - but boy have I gotten my eyes opened about people. Now we've all said it, "when I was their age there's no way I would've gotten away with that!" or "kids now adays just aren't raised right" Well I would like to set the record straight that sure, times have changed, and generally young people seem to be getting themselves into more trouble as there are more temptations out there to just go crazy nuts, but my experience this week on crutches has shown that young people really aren't all that bad! Every young person I've come into contact this week (I'm talking 12 - 20 both male and female), when they've seen my hobbling along, they've slowed down to help me out, open doors, ask if I need anything, etc. Perfect strangers. Yet the number of adults that have slammed doors in my face, closed elevators in my face, honked their horns at me while I am trying to cross the street, oh the list goes on, it is just ridiculous. Best example, Canadian Tire on Saturday. Stood in line for 20 minutes at the auto center. Went to leave, nice young man opens the door for me. Just as I am going through the door, an older man who was walking behind me shoves me aside to walk through the opened door himself. (?) Then slams the second door in my face. Doesn't even look back. And what a great example he just set for the young man who so nicely opened the door for me. And he couldn't open the other door himself - he had to walk through the door that was being held open for the "handicapped" person? Now I guess I shouldn't be totally surprised cuz yes no one's perfect, and as time goes on, generations get more and more selfish. But I hope the next time I go to grumble about 'young people nowadays' that I never forget this past week....

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oh Woe Is Me

Wow time flies - has been over two months since I last posted! And of course once again I have another klutzy story, and am using the time I'm SUPPOSED to be working on an assignment to mess around on the computer - what else is new!

This months injury I have avoided the ER at all costs - too stubborn. I decided to just suck it up and deal with it (tomorrow I HAVE to go to the Dr though!) A quarter of the way around Blvd lake, deep in coversation with my buddy Anthe, I end up sprawled out on the path and messed up my ankle! And here we are, two nursing students, looking at each other like, "now what!" And of course nothing is open on a Sunday to get any crutches, and of course I couldn't buy a core floor home, and of course Molly has to go outside 10 times a day....ANYWAYS! Thankfully a friend's mom has loaned me a pair of crutches so that has made a big difference...and every time I start to feel sorry for myself, I think of poor Mali (the former homeowner of my beautiful house), in a foreign country, receiving foreign medical care, hobbling around on a full leg cast....

Working the night shift is still going well - although I do believe I reached burnout at some point over the past couple weeks. First I got the flu, then some pretty bad migraines, then wrote a test where I couldn't even recall some pretty basic terms. After the test we had a short lecture on stress (how appropriate) and I really don't remember a thing!!

Started clinical Oct 31. I am at *****, a beautiful brand new nursing home. Nice to finally get some patient contact besides just learning theory "stuff" (just can't stand our clinical teacher - I swear she has it out for me!) Only two more weeks. Actually only 3 more weeks of school, then exams, then freedom for a month (YAY) Can hardly wait! I need a break - this three day weekend was awesome, even though I got injured, it was still a nice break!!!!!

Anyways back to my assignment - due Friday, haven't even STARTED it yet and I've known about it since the beginning of September!


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