Monday, February 13, 2006

The Latest

Actually the title of this post is a little deceiving, becuz it implies there is actually something new to report in my life.... sorry! Made you look!

Just realized I haven't posted in awhile and I'm wide awake and not ready to go to bed! So I will try and summarize anything new I can think of....

1. Dropped out of clinical. So now I am just taking the 2 nursing classes and chemistry right now - what a difference! My stress level has totally dropped! It took Molly getting violently sick and almost dying a couple weeks ago for me to sit back and look at how life is just flying by with me spending every waking moment working or with my head stuck in a textbook. I realized I needed to slow things down a bit - I am still crazy busy, but now I have time to breathe! And SLEEP - mmmmmmmmmmm sleep. I've even been catching up on some of my favourite TV shows!

2. Have been selling my life away on eBay lately. Trying to pay off some debt to help me get through school cent at a time!

3. Actually went out on a Saturday night - last weekend went with a couple girls from work to the Prospector. Was a nice break. Had a great time! To non-***ers, the Prospector is one of those "special-occasion" restuarants where you literally line up for hours on a weekend. Best steak in *****, and are also known for their buns. It's a restaurant that used to be an old bank. I love it there - too expensive to go to often, but the food is so good it is definately worth the price.

4. Ok I am a little behind the times, but I have just discovered the world of podcasts, accidently actually by pressing a wrong button when I was updating my ipod! Now I am addicted. There are even nursing podcasts that teaches anything from anatomy to just sharing funny experiences. I have subscribed to about 30 podcasts so far, from educational, to mindless comedy, to weightloss, to financial. To those who have no clue what I am talking about, podcasts are basically free LEGAL audio or video downloads for your ipod (or MP3 player, or just to your computer) You can download a simple podcast to listen to later, or actually subscribe to the podcast and your computer will automatically download the file when a new podcast is available. There are thousands of them out there on all sorts of topics. To me it's like having free satellite radio! (ok, ok I know it's not the same) but why pay several hundred dollars for a satellite radio receiver, plus a subscription fee when you can access podcasts for free! One of the best podcast sites I have found so far is:

Off to bed!

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