Thursday, October 26, 2006

Only in Northwestern Ontario….

My mom and dad were just up here for a few days, as it was my dad’s consultation appointment at the cancer clinic. Took forever to get that consultation appointment booked as it was, and I’m sure it was only that soon becuz I kept hounding my mom to call and remind the Dr’s to get it set up! Anyways, we were just happy that things were starting to get moving so treatments could begin before the bad weather starts.

So apparently dad was in the Dr’s office for less that 5 minutes, and was told that they want to get on the radiation treatments “right away” .... so his first radiation appointment is in April. APRIL!!??????!!!!!! Wow! I’d hate to know WHEN treatment would have started if he didn’t need to get started "right away"! Yep, sounds about right….that’s health care in Northwestern Ontario for you!

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