Thursday, November 16, 2006

It’s All Fun And Games….Until Your Dog Puts a Tooth Through Your Monitor

So I am playing around on my laptop, while laying in bed watching TV (slow episode of Criminal Minds) Molly (my non-cuddly beagle) is curled up on my lap cuz she senses I am sick. I start playing a game and am moving the cursor all over the screen. This catches Molly’s eye and she starts intently following the cursor. I think it’s adorable and start teasing her with more complicated cursor movements. When I would slow the movements down, she would lick the screen where the cursor was (ew – will clean that up later).

I had a flashback to when I was staying at my friend Carrie’s place back home, and when playing Mario Kart on Super Nintendo with Tim & Jon, Carrie’s cats would run up to the screen and start batting at the characters on the TV. When a character would disappear, the cats would run behind the TV to see where they went. I used to think that was cute, and thought, hmmmm, what would Molly do if the cursor disappeared. So, I started moving the cursor quicker and quicker and then just when I was about to make it appear like the cursor was going to go off the screen “CRUNCH” – Molly decided to catch the cursor with her teeth.

Yeah….it was cute at first…..

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