Thursday, November 15, 2007

Kids Say the Darndest Things... aka "If Only..."

I read something online last night that made me a little sad and nostalgic. Thinking back to some of the many lapses in judgment I made over the years, I caught myself doing the “if only…” Had I made different choices at certain crossroads in my life, my life would be totally different right now…

I happened to have Kid Nation on a few minutes later, and one of the kids summed it up nicely. (I’m relying on my memory so my quote might not be 100%) “If I had to do it over again, there’s no way I would have [done that]. But I don’t own a time machine so I can’t go back and do it again.” I guess if a kid gets it, it’s about time I did too!

UPDATE: Another thought on this as I think back to a movie I saw a few years ago, The Butterfly Effect:

Even if you are not satisfied with the choices you have made in life, how can you be sure that if you hadn't made them things would have turned out any better?

Just another one of those things to think about…

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Peter said...

Gidday! Funny that, we watched "The Butterfly Effect" movie just the other day. I liked it and found that Ashton Kutcher played a fantastic dramatic role.

His marriage to Demi Moore seems to be a great pairing considering their age difference. Plus they all appear to get on with Bruce. Good on them! Good luck with your studies.

Peter McCartney
Sydney Australia

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