Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A glimpse into my future....

Apparently, my singleness is an issue that my friends seem to be more concerned about than I am. I don’t really care, really...sometimes it can be pretty funny, sometimes embarrassing at times, but usually just funny....

One of my friends who also happens to be a nurse, has been trying really hard to be “helpful” in this area for me, and is definitely not shy about the fact! Recently I went to a neighbouring hospital for a meeting, where she happens to work, and she gave me a little tour of her hospital.

As we were walking down one hallway, she noticed that one of the patients had herself turned around in her wheelchair. So she quickly went in the room, redirected her, and promptly joined me back out in the hallway to continue my tour.

“Oh I just love her! She’s a former nurse you know! And a spinster too!...You know that’s gonna be you some day!!...”

“What???? Are you telling me I’m going to be an old spinster!!?”

“Nooooooo...I mean you’re going to be one of those patients that everyone loves...”

Ummmmm yeah.... I’m SURE that’s what she meant!

Hahahaha...... sigh......

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