Thursday, April 14, 2005

My life in the past 6 months (Nov - Apr)

To summarize for those I have lost contact with...the latest developments in my life during the past 6 months

November 04

- bought my first house (above)
- became insanely busy as I started taking classes actually on campus at ***** with a modified (still full-time) work schedule.
- failed my first test in my life - never write a test the week that your house is're meeting with the bank/financial advisors/lawyers, etc... the moving company is moving your're trying to clean out the old place...not to mention the "rush" of owning your first home (CHEMISTRY WAS NOT ON MY MIND) For the "fun" of it, after I wrote the test I went to the drug store to take my blood pressure....200/110. Yep - I handle stress well

March 05

- Milo came into my life March 9th - will have pictures posted some day
- Dad came up for the first time to see the house and to help out with a few little things. Went to see Stuart McLean again at the Community Auditorium.

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