Thursday, July 28, 2005

Big Changes!

Well it is official. As of September 8, I will be enrolled as a nursing student at ***** (finally). The amazing thing was that there is a three year waiting list to get in, but someone happened to just find out yesterday that they didn't meet all of the requirments to enroll this year while I was meeting with the advisor, so they are letting me slip in their place!

As of August 23 I will be moving to the evening shift at work permanently which will be a big change for me considering I am a morning person! Shall be interesting! So I will still be working full time hours (5:30 pm-1:15 am) and taking classes during the day. Starting out it won't be too bad considering I only have approximately 2 credits remaining in my first year so I think I can handle it. I will be attending 2 classes this fall on campus, and in the winter I will be taking one class online (chemistry), one class on campus, and then my clinical wherever I am assigned, so hopefully it won't be too tough. By starting the evening shift a couple weeks before school starts, I think I should be able to slowly adjust to the new schedule!

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