Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Small update

Nothing really too new and exciting happening but am coming down with a cold and want to go to bed early, but it is only 7:00, and if I go to bed now I will be up at 3 in the morning wide awake!

Had a wonderful lunch today with a group from work, my "good riddance" lunch as I nicknamed it. About 2o were able to make it despite it being a crazy week with the deputy minister arriving tomorrow, and our deputy registrar there today. Unfortuneately it was planned a little short notice so not every one was able to be informed in time so many missed out. We went to the ***** for an amazing buffet. Everyone really enjoyed it so I was happy to see that. 3 managers were able to come, as well as our union rep - was nice they were willing to take the time out of their busy schedules to attend - meant a lot to me. I'm going to miss a lot of them - there are a lot of great people at the ***** ! Only two more days working the day shift - can hardly believe it - some of these people I have worked with for 8 years!

After lunch our union rep approached me about being the union steward for the night shift - well I definately have experience in grievances and disciplinary meetings (as most of you who know me will agree) So that will be a new and interesting experience. I will have a paid training session coming up soon, just not sure when or where at the moment.

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