Friday, August 19, 2005

Time to lose weight!

Today mom and I started a contest to see who could lose 50 lbs the fastest - the Dr really gave mom a hard time the last time she went to see him about how she needs to lose weight because of her diabetes. She has had the diabetes for years with very few problems, but as she is getting older she is starting to see the effects of the diabetes. He told her she has to lose 50 lbs which would basically make all her symptons go away. (if she needs to lose 50, I can just imagine how much he would think I need to lose!) Anyways since this was her wake up call, I figured this would be a good time for me to smarten up too and we can help each other out. I myself am high risk for diabetes since almost every member of my family has it so this can be my wake up call!

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