Thursday, December 01, 2005

Decisions About the Future!!!

Well I made a decision today that after I graduate from my nursing program, if I can't get into medical school I will be moving to either Southern Ontario, BC, or to the USA. Maybe even just a small Northern town where everything is within walking distance. Since my car accident in 2003, I just can't handle our Northern winters anymore. Driving yesterday was absolutely insane - first the downpour of rain we got, which froze glazing everything over, then the dumping of snow on top. Thankfully I spent $600 on winter tires which helped, but then you are out there driving with everyone else and having to rely on their tires, brakes and driving skills....I've had enough! Watching a packed city bus spin in circles in the middle of a big heavy intersection was a little shocking for me.
The one good thing is that once I graduate with my nursing degree, there is a shortage almost everywhere so at least I would have a lot of choices of where I want to go.
True, my graduating will be anywhere from 4-7 years from now, and a lot can happen in that time that could make me change my mind, but for right now it gives me hope of something to look forward to. And the fun part is that I have several years to hunt and research a great future home. If anyone has any suggestions of great places they'd recommend I check out, let me know :-)

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