Thursday, April 20, 2006

Thought for today

Well, as of today I have lost over 24 lbs so I am pumped about that :-) I'm hoping to lose 10 more before I fly out for my cruise on May 6th.

Special assembly day on Saturday, but I am going to miss the morning session due to having to write my chemisty exam Saturday morning. I am getting pretty stressed about my chem exam. Just thinking about it practically gives me a panic attack! It was an online class, so so far all the tests and assignments were open book, and I just answered all the questions out of the book without really teaching myself any of it, and now I have a closed book exam in 2 days....aahhhh! Guess the good news is, in 3 days I can finally focus on the excitement of my upcoming vacation :-)

Worked days for 2 weeks and just came back to nights this week. Also worked days overtime on the long weekend (triple pay!) but trying to get used to nights again was tougher than I expected! But at least right now I am back in the change of name department which I just love so I am happy :-)


Jenny said...

enjoy your assembly, vacation and hope you do well on your chem exam.
=), take care.

Kathy said...

hey! Its me again! Well the person that commented on your blog knows some of my friendS! cool beans! Well adieu!

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