Sunday, April 23, 2006


Phew - now I never have to think about chemistry again for the rest of my life! I'm pretty positive I failed my exam - hard to get a good mark when you leave pages of questions blank, but as long as I passed the class, I DON'T CARE ANYMORE! The only bummer is how this class will drag my GPA way down and just hope it doesn't some day jeopardize my getting into medschool.......

What an amazing assembly! And I only caught the final 2 morning talks and the afternoon! I was so pumped up when I left the assembly :-) Plus seeing so many people that I hadn't seen for YEARS was nice. After the assembly I got to join about 20 for supper at Applebee's which was an added bonus :-)

Any minute now my mom will be flying in to spend the day with me as she is passing through from Toronto. Hope she doesn't care how messy my house is cuz I am just too exhausted to even attempt house work at the moment.


Jenny said...

I took chemistry and its interesting but I believe its just way too much information to contain all at once. Maybe I say that because my teacher treated us as if our class was an AP one. And, it was just a general chemistry course. So, I left that class always so overwhelmed, and stressed out with the amount of studying I had to do. I liked the really hard math problems in chem though. which, in fact, is very odd coming from me! my weakness is in MATH... just in geometry, I think.
Hope you did well on it ..
I know this may sound terrible, but if you at least got a D on your exam or even lower than that and still passed the class...that's amazing!

Jenny said...

Yeah.. I officially deleted my blog the other day.
I think it was for the good. It was just way too time-comsuming.
Or..maybe I'm just silly of deleting it? lol, oh well. I aint making another one. (Now that just shows the lazy side of me) I DO have one (believe it or not). :P

I can still comment though. So, I'll check yours now and then:)

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