Sunday, May 28, 2006

Alaskan adventure

Can't believe how bad I've become at keeping up with this blog. Many people have been asking me for pics from my Alaska cruise and I have posted a FEW on my MSN space, but mostly just of the ice burgs we were hitting on the ship.

Overall I had a fantasic time - it was the best vacation of my life - I came back so refreshed and relaxed, I was like a new person. It was strange to come home and not have everyone call me M'lady, or Yes Ma'am. No one picks up after me anymore. No more limo rides. I actually have to jump in my SUV and DRIVE where I want to go! Sigh..... how I miss those days already.

I highy recommend the Alaskan cruise to everyone, young or old. I would actually recommend going later in the summer or into the fall, rather than spring like my family did. We missed seeing one of the more memorable glaciers because we were hitting too many ice burgs and it was too dangerous for the ship to go through the passageway and had to turn around - later in the year it wouldn't be as bad.

The day of the cruise, we went on a family whirlwind tour of Vancouver - I fell in love with that city. Pretty expensive place to live, but maybe some day. Stanley Park was amazing. The weather was a little misty so unfortunately we missed out on seeing a few things, but what a beautiful city!

On the cruise itself, day 2 I got violently sea sick! That was a total shock for me, on all my other cruises I was fine, but I guess the water was a little rougher this time. But after popping the drugs they gave me and sleeping for a day I was fine after that.

Overall, had a wonderful time, and will update this more when I have extra time. I have to get up early for overtime tomorrow so am heading off to bed now!

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