Sunday, August 27, 2006

August Expressions

Well August has been a good month for me. I had the chance to visit with friends I haven't seen in a long time, took a risk and applied for a management position (and lived to talk about it), went for a relaxing camping weekend, and lost some weight :-)

Just came back from Sleeping Giant Provincial Park this afternoon. Just Molly and I. Was quite nice. I decided to try a new area of the park I had never been to before and it was absolutely perfect. It was totally private, on the water, and was just a really nice site. I headed out early Friday evening and returned around 1:00ish this afternoon. Other than getting dehydrated today, it was the perfect way to unwind after my interview.

Well I survived my interview. It wasn't as bad as I was expecting, yet I wish I had performed better :-( Oh well. I took the step....whether anything comes of it or not, I chose to make an effort to do something to better my life.

Actually I did a lot of thinking this weekend on my little getaway, and decided that I am going to make a bigger effort to focus on enriching my life. From taking better care of my health so I can look and feel better, to becoming a better house keeper so I can share my beautiful home with people I care about, to taking more risks in my life to advance aspects of my life that have become stagnant.

Back to work tomorrow - I can so tell I have just had a fairly relaxing vacation because I don't have that knot of dread in my stomach....amazing.... reminds me how I need to be enjoying more me time.........

And back to school next week - can you believe it! Totally snuck up on me.

Off to bed for a rare early night for me - toodles all! :-)

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