Saturday, August 05, 2006

Long Weekend At Last

Well it's a long weekend, which I should be enjoying and having fun, but instead have to stress over a work assignment! I recently applied for a management position in my office that I REALLY REALLY want, but have a very slim chance of getting it. So after I sent in my resume I basically gave up hope. Well on Thursday I got a phone call telling me that I moved on to Stage 2, the written assignment! Totally shocked me, and of course now the carrot is dangled before me again, and here I will go and get my hopes up, even though I know there is still a slim chance of getting it.....but it would still be nice. So now I am all stressed about this assignment which is due TUESDAY at 5!!!!!! So there goes my weekend. And becuz I am stressed about it, of course I can't seem to settle down to actually get started on it - so far today I've lounged in my pool, called friends, worked on my new website, played around on eBay - everything but actually sitting down and working on my assignment (except cleaning - I don't really feel like doing that either.....)

My new website. Well I am finally working on my new business website, but I am still new to the whole HTML thing so it is going a little slow. I was so proud of the one page I created that has a form that you can fill out to submit coments to....except when you click submit, nothing happens....sigh..... HTML is so complicated! Even though it's totally under construction and not live yet, if you want to check it out so far, the website is: Next I still have to figure out how to incorporate the PayPal shopping cart system into it and then link the items to the shopping cart - thank goodness no school right now!

A few more hours before bedtime so time to see how else I can kill time before attempting this assignment!

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Jenny said...

Don't stress out too much. Hope it went out well for you.

Oh, yes! About 2 weeks ago was my cousin's wedding in NJ. My mother remarried as well 2 days before his wedding. She is, that makes me happy. =)

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