Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This too, shall pass.....I hope!

I am SO TIRED of being SICK! If I am magically better Thursday night, I will know it has all been just stress, otherwise it's the flu that just keeps dragging on. I constantly ache and feel like someone has beaten the crap out of me; I haven't been able to keep any food in me for roughly 2 weeks now, especially the past 3 days; and the ripping stomach aches that hit me when I am lying in bed at night makes me momentarily think I am dying. (Yet ironically I'm not losing weight - go figure) I called in sick last Wednesday, and my manager gave me such a rough time about it, and basically accused me of faking it, so it's just been easier to just suck it up and go to work. I just carry a little bucket around with me (as of course my desk has to be the farthest from the washroom!) {thoughts edited out to protect my job}

Ironically I watched on the news last night how most bosses prefer when their staff calls in sick when they have a cold/flu - (yeah, all bosses except those who work for the government!) Not only does the virus get spread around, resulting in more people getting sick, lack of productivity is another factor, as one just doesn't have the energy to give 100% at the office.

Thursday night I am supposed to get a flu shot - makes me wonder now if I even need to bother!

This too, shall pass....right?????? At least, thankfully, I am off tomorrow in preparation for my BIG exam on Thursday... hopefully I can recuperate while studying!

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