Saturday, December 30, 2006


Al, Lindsay, Pete & I went to a shag on the 22nd and had a blast. It was nice we were let out of work early so we were at least able to do something fun on a Friday night. It was packed, so I didn't get to do very much dancing :-( Surprisingly, I ended up winning a tonne of prizes!!

All night long, Pete was talking like Borat, which I had no clue who that was, but just thought it was hilarious. He was so good at it, every time we would run into someone from work he would pretend to be Lindsay's husband Borat from Kazakhstan, and people would come up to Lindsay afterwards and say "Your husband isn't from around here, is he?" So after listening to that all I night I was dying to see the movie even though I knew nothing about it.

Since mom is up visiting, I decided to take her... (anyone who knows of Borat or who has seen the movie is gasping in shock right now - I now know that this is not the movie to take your mother to....especially MY mother!) It was actually a cute movie, very funny... although pretty nasty - if it wasn't so close to the end, I probably would've walked out during the naked fight scene between the 2 men!! It was absolutely disgusting, and way too long of a scene. Well, the movie was entertaining...

Anyways, I have discovered that Pete does a better Borat imitation than Borat himself does in the movie ;-)

One of my favourite little clips from the movie: (it's short, and one of the few clean scenes!)

BTW: I recommend hitting play, and then as soon as it starts hit pause for a few seconds to allow the movie to almost completely download before attempting to play it. Although it is a really short clip, it still takes a bit to download.

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