Friday, March 02, 2007


I'll bet I am the only person in the world who hates Friday's!

7 am clinical - after a snow storm - on 1 hour of sleep - plus not feeling well.



Anonymous said...

i hate the friday's too


Anonymous said...

yah I also hate fridays, not sure why, maybe I dont particularly look forward to weekend as I dont do much :Z


Anonymous said...

god !, i hate friday espicialy in the morning

Anonymous said...

I hate fridays, the whole entire day D:<

Anonymous said...

Thanks Google. (for finding this)

when friday ends, study gets so unsettled, and with no luck of having the same interests as your friends, the days go empty.

Anonymous said...

My gosh! I hate Fridays too!
I mean, I like coming home and staying up late, but Friday morning I wake up and I'm all: "YES! It's Friday! ... Now, to get my weekend, I have to spend 7 hours in prison- I MEAN school!"
I don't like being taunted with weekends all Friday.

FluidOptics said...

I also hate Fridays. I've stabbed, electrocuted, run over and recently lost my wallet all on Fridays

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