Saturday, August 25, 2007

Sneaker's O'Toole

Considering this seems to be the most common reason people come to my blog lately, I thought I would update this entry....

Here is the famous Sneaker's O'Toole clip:

Tell me that tune doesn't rattle around in your brain for days afterwards!

Background information that I have researched on Sneaker's O'Toole:

Sneaker's O'Toole is a Family Guy original. Unfortunately, there is not a Sneaker's O'Toole cartoon out there somewhere.

Sneaker's O'Toole even had it's own Wiki entry for awhile, but now it just redirects to the "Boys Do Cry" Family guy Synopse page, (scroll down to almost the very bottom of the page). Now there is only a brief sentence about Sneaker's O'Toole in the trivia section.


Sneakers O'Toole: I'm not taking my sneakers off, I am Sneakers O'Toole!

Man #1: "Hey! Take those sneakers off!

Sneakers O'Toole: No!

Man #1: Take them off, I said!

Sneakers O'Toole: No!

Sneakers O'Toole runs away

Man #2: Ahh, let him go, we'll never catch him. Not in these shoes.

Sneakers O'Toole: I didn't take my sneakers off, I'm still Sneakers O'Toole!


Anonymous said...

That is one of the most random things I have ever seen. I love it.

Gabster/Gabbii/Gabe said...

That is really super original and also so very random to think of...(I am sneakers o'toole...I love it!!!!!!!!!!

Living said...

And yes, this is why I found your blog.
I was so curious to try and find out if he was based on anything!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Randomly stumbled in wondering what Sneakers o'toole was about. Ha.

Anonymous said...

lol sneakers o toole is a real person?

Anonymous said...

All I know is that the tune is similar to just about all of the Blues Clues tunes

Anonymous said...

if I took my sneakers off what would i be?

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