Saturday, May 24, 2008

I'm Back

Well, it has been awhile since I have last entered anything in my blog. Partly because my life has been pretty uneventful, and partly because my blog is supposed to be half personal (for the people that check it to keep up with the latest developments in my life) and half medical (focused on nursing/medicine/health stuff, etc), and I have been out of school for a few weeks now so have been taking a break from medical "stuff" to rest my brain. So today's entry will be a catch up on the latest developments of my life, as uneventful as they are.

The most exciting news: I am going to Vegas :-) I leave in approximately, okay EXACTLY 16 days. There are 60 of us going, and we will be there for 8 days (7 nights). I am more or less tagging along, as most are going to participate in a pool tournament, and I am going with a friend who is playing in the tournament as an excuse to visit Vegas. I am SO looking forward to it. I'm not really a gambler or anything, so it is isn't the casinos that is drawing me - just the thrill of Vegas - the shows, the sights, the glamour. There is supposed to be a film festival going on when we are down there, so I am sure there will be lots of famous people milling around. What I am most looking forward to is going to see Elton John - everyone I talked to has said that any concert they have gone to of his has been the best concert they have ever been to. Our tickets aren't booked yet cuz people don't know what night they are playing in the tournament yet, so my fingers are crossed that he won't be sold out! So in preparation for my vacation, I am working out insanely.

Who would have thought I would ever see the day that I would become addicted to exercise. It just amazes me. I am now planning my day around how I can fit in workout time. I am now walking, swimming, playing tennis, and, in spurts, running! I never thought I would see my "fat ass" running - ha ha. But I am truly addicted! And when you put in that much effort into working out, suddenly you don't feel like eating junk food becuz it makes you feel gross after, and you realize how hard you have to workout afterwards to work it off. So even my eating has improved. I have started "clean eating."

The frustrating thing is that I am working out at least 2 hours a day and yet not losing a pound :-( It gets a little discouraging. But I am seeing big improvements each day in my strength, confidence, and moods. And for the first time in a LONG time, I feel great! Let's hope I can keep it up. Wish me luck!


Peter said...

Hi! Good luck with the trip and I hope you and the others come up trumps.

Thank you for all the support you have given me over the past 12 months.

Take Care,

EMR said...

Good to see that u are back here to write regularly but u are not updating the blog regularly.

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