Sunday, September 21, 2008

"........oh where, oh where can she be?"

Now that school has begun again, unfortunately blogging has dropped down to a low priority in my life :-( Not only have I not been able to write in my own blog, I also haven't had the opportunity to peruse my favourite blogs as well :( Thank goodness for feedreaders that are stockpiling what I am missing out on.

A quick summary of the past few weeks:

I am no longer working nights - wahoooo! I am on a leave of absence from my government job until August 10th (unsure whether I will be returning, but as of now, I am scheduled to go back to work in late summer 2009.) Surprisingly, it didn't take me long to adjust to a daytime schedule again. Probably becuz I am so exhausted from my school schedule! Whatever the reason, my body is very thankful for the change!

School - well full-time school turned out to be a little more hectic than I expected! I still haven't figured out how other students manage to have a social life! I can barely plan in homework/studying - I am already 2 weeks behind on my readings (and we've only been in school for 2 weeks LOL)

Clinical - I am enjoying clinical so far - we are still limited in what we can do, but now we can administer medications, and we have a clinical instructor who encourages us to work ahead on skills, rather than only do the bare minimal we are allowed. My clinical instructor this year is fabulous! She is very laid back and easy going which makes the experience much less stressful :-)

This time I am in a complex care ward, and the things I have seen so far are pretty amazing - I will try and blog about it when I have more time. Last time I was in clinical we had one 4 hour shift a week. This year, we have two 8 hour shifts a week. BIG difference!! So many more opportunities to learn! I have 4 more weeks at the complex care site, and then I move on to obstetrics which I am really looking forward to. I have a friend who is expecting in November and I am one of her support people so I am anxious to have a few skills under my belt before helping her.

Time is ticking away as usual and I have procrastinated long enough, so I guess I better get back to studying :(

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kayla said...

great blog and great work, i know it takes alot of time to be a good blogger.

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