Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Time to post again.....

Well since it's been awhile, and the fact that it is almost 4 am and I just can't seem to wind down for bed yet I figured I would babble on for a minute or two....

New events in my "oh so exciting" life.... ended up in the ER again last weekend - think I've lost count of my number of ER visits this year. This past visit was a little too embarrasing to post for the world to see how clutzy stupid I am - I'll leave it to your imagination with these key words: poison control, 5 am grogginess, and "only me!" Anyone who knows me is rolling their eyes right now at this addition to my soap opera life.

Am totally going insane trying to balance the school/work/home ownership/motherhood thing. Tonight I swear I stared at my computer screen for 10 mintues trying to remember how to make the cursor on the screen move (that's it...just reach for the mouse....it's not that far away....you can do it....just reach)

I really do love the night shift - totally shocked since I always considered myself to be a morning person. When I first started this new shift, I was wide awake, super productive, and I have never felt healthier! Wish I had started this schedule years ago. Love going to an afternoon bookstudy (which reminds me I have to switch groups AGAIN) Now that schools started, things are a little crazy, and I am not quite so AWAKE at work right now. Had to step down as union steward. That lasted a whole 3 weeks! Have my own problems to worry about without trying to pile other peoples issues on my shoulders!

Today's school mishap.... left for school a half hour early hoping to do a little reading before class as I am almost a week behind everyone after my little hospital stay. Get to the classroom - wait FOREVER for this class to pile out, push my way through the stragglers, grab a seat, and bury my head in the textbook. After a while I look at my watch and notice that everyone is late (clue #1 I missed). Go back to studying. 10 minutes later I notice it's still a little too quiet. Check my hand made schedule, yep, I'm in the room listed on my schedule. Class must be cancellled. I am ticked - I got up early for THIS! Decide to check to see if there is an email message from the prof about this inconvenience. Nothing. Take a quick look at my schedule - I made a typo on my schedule I drew up....I was in the wrong building! So here I am, the one that has to be EARLY for EVERYTHING, 35 minutes late for a class that I had missed a week ago as well. When I get there, there is only 2 seats left in the tiny classroom at the very front of the room where I had to cross in front of the projector, and in front of the prof, and sit in front of everyone. Class had to be stopped to allow me to get past so what a lovely grand entrance I made! Only me!

Weight loss - well mom and I still have our contest of who can lose 50 lbs the fastest, but we've decided to approach it a little differently this time. For every 10 lbs one loses, the other person rewards them with something. Thought this would be a little more motivation. No major loss on my part so far.... 3.6 lbs, but I guess it's in the right direction. I'm getting tired of the constant comments in class about how, "no one respects a fat nurse,"; "how do you expect to help others if you can't help yourself", blah, blah, blah....well at least the guilt trips are working - now whenever I see chips or chocolate, the first thought in my head is, "that's just not healthy". We'll see how long this lasts!

Miss you like crazy Milo, and so does Molly. Sounds like Milo is adjusting well in his new home and having a blast....spoiled like crazy which he deserves.

Well it's after 4 now and I HAVE to attempt to get some sleep or this upcoming evening will be another zombie experience at work.

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