Saturday, September 23, 2006

And another blow...

My mom is up visiting right now becuz it is our assembly this weekend. She arrived today and sounds like she will leave right after the sessions on Sunday so it is a quick trip!

Tonight she finally filled me in on what is going on with my dad. So now I know he has cancer for sure. With all the secrecy, plus having the medical background, I kind of knew, but hearing it officially is still a shock. A couple weeks back he had a large malignant tumour removed from his bladder, still has 2 tumours in his prostate, and just underwent a bone scan to see if any of it has spread to his bones. I'm glad he had that extra scan, but I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have spread to his bones at this stage, (I hope!)

The good news is that mom says dad is in good spirits about the whole thing, and has commented on how he has lived a good life and is not too worried about it all. Which of course just leaves us to worry...

So now we are just awaiting the results of the bone scan before he will start radiation treatment, which I am assuming is to clean up any missed cells in the bladder, and to start focusing on blasting the prostate tumours. He had a choice between ***** and here in *****, so his obvious choice is ***** because I am here. Treatment will be 15 minutes a day, 5 days a week, for a month at least! So looks like I will have a full house!

Please keep my family in your prayers as I think this may be a rocky road for all of us for the next few months!

Update: (Sunday) Today a couple of my mom’s friends took us on a tour the cancer clinic, ***** House (the place where out of town cancer patients can stay) and the hospital. Strange how one’s whole perspective changes – touring a medical facility as a medical student or prospective employer vs. touring as a patient/family member!

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Anonymous said...

hey jen
sorry to hear about your dad.

know what its like...

take care

Curtis engels

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