Thursday, January 04, 2007

It's Going To Be a Good Year!

I went to the chiropractor today, more to prepare myself for the start of my clinical tomorrow, and one thing he pointed out is how less stressed I am and how well things seem to be going for me lately… I can’t believe I never clued in on that myself! I have to admit, things are really looking up for me.

For quite some time, I was actually hating going to work. It felt like it was pointless working so hard, that no one notices the effort I put in each day – makes you wonder why you bother, considering you get treated the same as the slackers. But it is amazing how a few positive words from management, and a change of duties can totally change your outlook.

At our last team meeting, our manager handed out thank you cards and gave us a little gift (a cute little Finnish doll and imported hand lotion). In my card she mentioned how she appreciates my good work ethic, positive attitude and how I am always smiling. I thought that was so nice :-) Too bad management doesn’t take the time to do things like that more often to help raise morale. This week, I worked a couple day shifts for some refresher training, and two of the day managers that I was working for mentioned that I was a “very bright young girl” who they “have complete confidence in” and that I am “very well trained.” Talk about making my day :)

For the next 4 months, with the possibility of extension, I am back working in the change of name department, which is my favourite department in the office. It is challenging, interesting, and the managers of the department treat their team well. So lately work has actually been fun again, and I don’t dread having to go to work each night.

Another positive aspect at work is the fact that my manager approved my modified work hours to accommodate my clinical on Fridays. Starting next week, I will be coming in a half an hour earlier (at 4:30 pm) so I can leave earlier on Thursdays (10:45 pm instead of 1:15 am) to allow me a few more hours sleep before my 7 am clinical.

More good news: I passed anatomy!!!!! (barely) But I still passed! 54% Worst final mark I have ever received in my life, and I hope to never do that badly again EVER! That class was such a major source of stress to me. 3 days a week (some weeks 4 times a week) of HELL! I loved it and hated it at the same time. In class, we had an AMAZING teacher. I would literally hang on every word she said. The body truly is fascinating! But the amount of information we had to absorb, memorize and understand was unfathomable, especially while working full-time, nights at that. And the method of testing in itself was stressful, brilliant in proving whether we knew our stuff, but stressful. It included 2 bell-ringer identification exams, each worth 20%, where there were stations of body parts all over the room, and we had 30 seconds to identify each part. Then our final written exam was worth 45%!!! So whether you had done really well, or were failing miserably (like I was) you HAD to give 100% on this exam or you could still fail the course! But I survived it, and never have to be tested in anatomy again (unless of course I get into medical school…)

Mom was just up visiting and helped stock the fridge and cupboards and helped take a small portion of my financial burden off my shoulders, which was a relief. She left yesterday. Then she had to leave today with my dad to Winnipeg to the cancer clinic to check on his progress while awaiting his radiation treatment which won’t be starting until April.

I am also thankful for my health lately! Other than making myself sick due to the stress of exams, I have been surprisingly healthy – I didn’t have a cold all last year (first time in my life as normally I have a cold every March and every September). There have been several viruses going around the office off and on all year, and I never caught them. So proves, despite all the stress I’ve been going through, I’ve still managed to stay healthy :-)

I have also recently learned to surround myself with true friends, whom you can trust and rely on, and that are a more positive influence in my life, and separating myself from those who just drag you down. That alone has made a world of difference in my life and has been keeping me more positive.

Ok, one more thing for me to be thankful for! Our beautiful weather here lately. We did finally get snow on New Years, several inches actually, but then it rained and pretty much settled down to less than an inch again. I used to tolerate winter, and loved snowmachining, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, etc, but since my car accident I hate driving in it, since buying my house hate shovelling it, and now that I work full-time and attend University, I have no time to enjoy it! So, each day that goes by with no snow brings me joy and reminds me that that is one more day we are closer to spring and summer! :-)

Well, tomorrow I resume my crazy work/school juggle again… let’s hope my positive attitude will prevail and I can successfully manage the stress and stay healthy :-)

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