Thursday, July 12, 2007

Change of Shift

Now that I have the honour of having my humble little blog listed among the other student nurses and medical professionals of the renowned Emergiblog, I have to share the link love of advertising this week's Change of Shift, this time hosted at Nursing Another great edition.
Every time I receive a notification that it has been updated, I will advertise it on my blog. Just click on the above Change of Shift Banner to go directly to the updated entry.
Change of Shift is still a little new to me yet, as I am a little behind on reading my subscribed blogs. I recommend checking it out, as it's a great way to get a snapshot of various nursing blogs and topics. Some are serious and informative, some will have you laughing until your sides hurt; still others will make you bawl like a baby (well, ok, maybe just I will bawl like a baby, and you will be inspired!) Some are regulars that you may recognize, yet frequently there are new bloggers sharing.

Perhaps next week I will attempt to get my feet wet and jump in with a submission....

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