Saturday, July 07, 2007

Time to lose weight again.....

Diet time again! I've been surprisingly motivated lately. February 3rd I will be turning 30, and I have decided that I want to live my 30's at my ideal weight. I want to be able to not have to worry every day about being self-conscious of my weight, constantly focus on every morsal of food that goes into my mouth, and just be healthier and have more energy, especially while trying to go to University and work full-time! Everyone I talk to says that around 30 is when they slowly started noticing changes in their body, indicating they are getting older. I've never been one to worry too much about my age, but for some reason, my approaching 30th birthday is scaring the hell out of me.

So a few months ago, I mentioned joining a swimming class (aquabics) and was just loving it! I had a blast! Unfortunately about a month ago I got super stressed out and even swimming didn't appeal to me any more and I stopped going. And that class was over as of the last week of June. But I just found another class starting up this week, across the city, but on Wednesday's it is at 1:00 so it is perfect! I still get to sleep in, can go for my swim, and then still have time to go home, shower and get ready for work! Timing is perfect. So will start that this week. There is also swimming on Tuesday's & Thursday's at 11:00 so I might occasionally go to those too, if I can get to bed before 4:30! Some days I am still wide awake at 6 am! It's getting so frustrating!

I've also been walking with a co-worker on all my coffee breaks and supper hours at work, which adds up to an hour a day. Unfortunately she is on holidays next week so will either have to find another walking partner, or find an hour in the day to make up for not walking at night. I would go by myself, except it is not the nicest neighborhood to be walking in, especially that late at night.

I've also started up my walking videos again. I have pretty much every DVD of Leslie Sansone's walking videos. She has the most annoying laugh and is a little too hyper for me some days, but I really do enjoy the workout. I've done them faithfully everyday for over a week now, except today, as it is SOOOOO hot outside, and I can't seem to cool the house off enough. So maybe tonight. One nice thing about the warmer weather is how it supresses my appetite! I am eating less so hope to start losing more weight soon.

One tool I use to track my progress is called Weight Commander. I have added a banner at the top of the page to link to the site (no worries - I don't get paid or get any bonus perks for recommending this site - it's just me sharing a site I really like!) There is a free online version, and a downloadable version for $9.99. I actually bought the downloadable version about 5 years ago and love it! I used it faithfully every day until my computer got struck by lightning. And I'm pretty cheap when it comes to buying programs online, considering how many freebies there are out there, but this is one time I gave in and bought a program, and have no regrets. The online version is very similar, but I just find the downloadable one a little easier to use with more features. I do recommend checking it out - if nothing else, try the online version. It's free! My mom uses the online version and really likes it.

I have calculated it out, that if I can lose 10 lbs/month every month until my birthday, I should reach my ideal weight by then. So think good thoughts for me :-)

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may said...

i just bought the 4 fast miles. i had the 1, 2, 3 miles walk, but sort of misplaced it when we moved. i love that one because of the weights, but this 4 fast miles is quite fun too.

as a chronic dieter, i vowed to start my diet tomorrow. i cannot stand the fact size 12 doesn't fit me that good anymore. and my asthma...whew, excess weight makes it worse.

i'll check out that weight commander thingy. thanks.
good thoughts going your way....

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