Saturday, January 27, 2007

Small world

Not long ago I did a blog entry on the small world of the internet, but deleted it, thinking it was a little corny - I had mentioned finding old friends by means of Blogger, myspace, and entries in guestbooks. This evening, don't I stumble across a website of a young man that moved to Baudette, Minnesota, near where I grew up. There are articles and pictures of people and activities that I miss dearly, affecting me more so lately as I have surprisingly been a little homesick.

I was just going to shut my computer off, and decided to look at one more article, and OMG, there is a picture and article about my father!!!! Too funny!

If you'd like to read about my father and his invention, here is the article:

I think it is a beautifully written article about my father. Reminds me how proud I am to come from such a great family.

The internet sure does make the world seem smaller every day!

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